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Northwest Indian & chip-carving


I have been carving since 2016. First, I started taking carving lessons in the style of Northwest Indian tribes and a few months later I independently mastered the Chip-Carving technique. These are completely different methods, require different tools, skills and even use different wood.

In 2018, my teacher invited me to participate in a large project to create two totem poles, each 13 feet high. In the photo you can see me working on one of them.

Woodcarving allows me to be focused on the process and remove irritating thoughts  in my head. Believe me, you do not want to think about everyday worries and problems when sharp tools are in your hands.

In September 2018, I participated in the Northwest Woodcarvers Association competition, which was held in Tacoma, Washington. I won several awards, including two “Best of division”.

In October 2019, at the Northwest Woodcarvers Association, I submitted 7 works in different categories and won the Best Intermediate Level Carver award, and was promoted to an advanced level carver.

Among my awards there were also three for "Best of division"

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