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Carved Mandalas

When I visited my hometown, I bought several carved figurines of Altai’s masters. I had the unusual feeling that I could carve it the same way. This was unexpected, because before that I had never held a knife or any other carving tools. Upon returning home, my friend invited me to carving classes in the style of the Northwest Indian tribes. My teacher explained to me that the figurines that I brought from Russia were made using the Chip-carving technique. It wasn't long before I independently mastered this method. When I first picked up the knife, it was an experience similar to when you return home after a long absence. All the movements and actions seemed familiar and close at heart. In this method, only a knife is used; therefore, the softest wood is selected. I prefer to use Basswood. For most of my work, I combine it with natural precious or semi-precious stones. For birthday presents, in the center of the mandala, I paste a birth stone so its energy is multiplied, harmonizing with the space and the health of the owner. Many of my works in this style have also won prizes at carving contests in Washington State.

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