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Transformative art & healing methods


Prerecorded video course

8 hours


Anna Romanenko - Certified Neurographica Instructor 2019

Neurographica Certified Basic User Course

About This Course

The basic Neurographica® training course provides the opportunity to master the 3 versions of the “Lifting Inner Constraints” algorithm, an indispensable tool for solving problems related to stress, pain, injury and other limitations of human life.

This Basic User Course is taught in accordance with The School of Neurographica® of Pavel Piskarev. Upon completion you will receive an official certificate from the School of Neurographica. This is the first step in learning classical Neurographica and acts as a prerequisite to any other certified Neurographica training program.


In the course class you will learn:

  • About Neurographica – the history of the method;

  • The main ideas and concept of classical Neurographica: how it works, how to use it properly, 

  • 10 basic principles;

  • About Neurographical lines and patterns;

  • The three versions of the algorithm for “Lifting Inner Constraints”,

  • The algorithm for “Manifesting Intent”;

  • About the School of Neurography and further development.

To receive the certificate you would need to:

  • Present 4 of your drawings for evaluation by the teachers

  • Complete the assessment at the end of the course.


  • ​Recordings of all the classes.

  • Video evaluation and feedback for all four of your drawings. 

  • Discounts for other courses and classes.


Price: $299.00

Bring a friend to get $25.00 off!

Scholarships are available.

In addition to your Neurographica certification, you will receive:

  • Recordings of all four classes

  • Video evaluation and feedback on all four of your drawings

  • Discounts for future classes

  • Access to a closed Neurographica Facebook group

You will be directed to Paypal to complete this purchase.

Neurographica workshops

Unlock Your Creative Potential with Neurographica!

Are you seeking fresh perspectives and innovative solutions to life’s challenges? Join our Neurographica classes and discover how this transformative art form can help you tap into your creativity and find unique answers to any topic.

Why Neurographica?

Neurographica is a powerful, visual methodology that blends art and psychology. It’s designed to help you:

🌟 *Break Through Mental Blocks*: Harness the power of your subconscious to overcome obstacles and find clarity.
🌟 *Enhance Problem-Solving Skills*: Develop a new way of thinking that opens up a world of creative possibilities.
🌟 *Reduce Stress and Anxiety*: Engage in a relaxing, meditative practice that promotes emotional well-being.
🌟 *Unlock Hidden Potential*: Discover talents and abilities you never knew you had.

What to Expect

In our Neurographica classes, you’ll learn how to use lines, shapes, and colors to map out your thoughts and feelings. This process helps you visualize and address complex issues, leading to innovative solutions and a deeper understanding of yourself.

Who Can Benefit?

Neurographica is perfect for anyone looking to enhance their creativity, whether you’re an artist, a professional, a student, or simply someone looking to explore new ways of thinking. No prior art experience is necessary!

Join Us Today!

Ready to transform your approach to problem-solving and unlock your creative potential? Choose your Neurographica class and start your journey to a more innovative and fulfilling life.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to revolutionize your thinking and unleash your creativity. Enroll now and see the world through a new lens with Neurographica!


Prerecorded classes

Price: $29

Text or email me if you have any questions:

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