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Mandalas in Dotting Technique


Buddhists claim that the Mandala is cosmic energy contained in a circular shape. The harmony and symbolism of each mandala is fascinating. I got acquainted with the Dotting technique relatively recently, but this simple way of drawing always brings me into a meditative state. Repeating a dot many times in a symmetrical order works wonders for relaxation, and it allows the creative mind to run free. At that moment, magic is born. Each iteration, the mandala is new, unique and powerful. Every mandala carries its own vibration and has its own theme and purpose in order to harmonize with the space. It helps me center my mind and body. This method is so simple that I have already conducted classes for adults and children to create mandalas. It makes me so excited and happy when students enjoy the simplicity and beauty of this method. This form of art is very soothing and enjoyable!

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