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A few words about myself


Anna Romanenko

Instructor Kolaimni, Reiki Master, Family Systemic Constellation Facilitator, Woodcarver, Artist, Poet and Teacher. 

Welcome, my name is Anna Romanenko. Just 6 years ago, I was very skeptical about healers and people with any special abilities, and I thought I knew for sure, that I was not one of them. Many things have changed since that quiet time, and now I call myself a healer, and I insist that you can become one as well. 

Let’s start from the very beginning. I was born and raised in the Siberian city, Tomsk. I love this small, cozy city, with its rich history and culture. I graduated from school and, I earned the highest academic honor - a gold medal - from Tomsk University of Control Systems and Radio Electronics, with 2 Master degrees in technical specialties. However, I did not have a chance to work in this carrier path. Before graduation, I gave birth to our son, who was born 10 weeks earlier the due date. This dramatically changed all our plans.


As a result, we moved to the United States, where we still live and work. I had to learn English from scratch and get acquainted to the new culture. It was both difficult and interesting at the same time. In the US, I worked for 10 years as a senior tax advisor. As you can see, logic and a systematic approach to solving problems is consistent throughout my life, as it was always my strength.

I was scared when strange things began to happen to me 6 years ago, and I could not find a logical explanation for them. I began to search for various methods and people who could explain what was happening to me and how to use these new gifts. I became acquainted with breathing practices, Reiki, systemic constellations, and shamanic practices; creativity, and other various methods of maintaining physical and spiritual health.

After becoming a Reiki Master, I was skeptical of my friend's suggestion to learn a different method of energy healing, but life circumstances led me to try. I immediately liked Kolaimni for its structure and well-explained aspects of working with energy to the smallest detail. There is a clear system to everything - from the way of teaching, to energy hygiene after each practice - which I have not seen in other methods. Most importantly, it works!

In 2017, I began to translate the level one textbook of Kolaimni technique into Russian. In 2018, I completed the translation and became a Kolaimni instructor with guidance from Marie-Helen Turen. In July 2019, the first Kolaimni course in Russian took place in the city of Tomsk. 

Creativity and energy came into my life. I do woodcarving in different styles; I also draw, write poetry, and do sound healing sessions using voice and quartz bowls. My current motto is: Art is healing, and everything is Art!

We are all so different, and we each seek different help, so I continue to learn new methods and practices. Having a diverse toolkit is important in order to select the right method for each client, as opposed to fitting a client to a single method. In 2019, I started distance education at the Moscow Academy of Astrology and the Saint-Petersburg Astrology Academy. In 2020, I graduated from the Institute of the Psychology of Creativity with two diplomas: “Neurographica Instructor” and “Aesthetic Coach”. Sometimes it is very difficult to combine family, parenting, creativity, education, and now teaching. I have already traveled a very interesting and sometimes dramatic path. I would like to share my experience with others and support them in their endeavors on the path of finding themselves and their purpose in life. 

On this site, you can get familiar with my woodcarvings, art projects, and healing practices. I hope you enjoy them as much as enjoyed creating them.


Below, you may see my diplomas and certificates:

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