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I offer courses in Neurographica, Kolaimni healing, Mandala Dotting, and other healing methods.

Art is healing, and everything is Art!



Anna Romanenko


Instructor Kolaimni, Reiki Master, Family Systemic Constellation Facilitator, Woodcarver, Artist, Poet and Teacher. 

Welcome, my name is Anna Romanenko. Just 6 years ago, I was very skeptical about healers and people with any special abilities and I knew for sure, that I am not one of them. Many things have changed since that quiet time and now I call myself a healer and insist that you can become one as well.


Healing, Art, and Teaching


I am a certified instructor and specialist in multiple healing practices. Above all, I like to teach others how to use healing practices of their own.


Neurographica is a method of creative drawing that evokes self-exploration, mindfulness, and self-development. I regularly share instructional videos and host classes.

Wood Carving

A tribute to the traditions of those who lived long before the arrival of white men, wood carving allows me to focus on the process and remove irritating thoughts from my head.

Mandala Dotting

This simple, meditative way of drawing allows the creative mind to run free and promotes relaxation. I often conduct classes for adults and children to create mandalas.


Healing Art: Modalities & Techniques

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